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Knitting machinery business unit is having 110th annivarsary based on the customers' “trust” and our “technologies”. To meet the clients' satisfaction and trust, we focuse the productivity grade-up, man-power saving, and space saving. Continuing our effort with NAGATA brand, this leads to the customers' satisfaction.

Features of NAGATA SEIKI Knitting Machinery

Improve productivity

NAGATA SEIKI technology, with it’s long history, realizes the productivity increase through stable operation.

Improve flexibility

Electronic controls allow the customers to realize a stable operational memory function also to realize the flexibility improvement and tuning.

Improve operation

The large LCD monitor allows superb visibility of the control panel.
The touch panel interface leads to less-space required and less-miss-operation.

Improve efficiency

Less-space requirement makes capital reduction at the customers. Less-space leads to multi-machines setting. Saving power design realizes the operating cost reduction.

Full support

We provide WEB site support. It is our strength to support the customers with WEB site, with Japanese components that lead to reliability and quick actions.

Knitting Machine Design Systems

NAGATA SEIKI knitting machinery can also correspond to the design systems. Various knit patterns are realized with nominated programs.

Merits of NAGATA SEIKI knitting machine design systems

Realize the productivity improvement with hi-speed knitting owing to the long history of NAGATA SEIKI.

  1. Since the installation is possible on Windows computers, there is no need for the customers to purchase nor install new one.
  2. The specialized program is easy to operate and no experience are required.

*Please refer here for the list of compatible system environments and software.


Knitting machine
A knitting machine. The general term of the machine which makes the connected cloth that knits and consists of knitting
Single cylinder sock knitting machine
A knitting machine with 1 cylinder that produces flat and various knit socks
Double cylinder socks knitting machine
A knitting machine with 2 cylinders and produces socks that are mainly made of rubber materials stockings
Stocking knitting machine
Seamless stocking knitting machine. K-type knitting machine is for knitting seamless stocking. There is the conventional type that can form toes, heels, and the tublar type knitting machine to knit in tublar shapes
Design system
A specialized program that creates sock knit data

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