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Design System NDS-100

NDS-100 is a specialized knitting machine design data system based on Windows Vista and Windows 7. this system can be used for the beginers with its easy operation by functional user interface, together with hi-grade design technique and knowledgement for the satisfaction of the professionals.

System Features

1. Easy operation is possible with simaltaneous multi screen display adopting MDI (Multiple Document Interface), and the refering of multi style data file in the display and copyinng of each data are possible also.

2. Copy and paste through the clip board are possible with easy operation between the various application softwares and NDS-100.

3. Regarding the data and its pre-check are possible through the reduction display of stored pattern data and icon display of style data. This makes theintuitive data search and offertive data reading possible.

4. Adding the data of clients, products codes, season, sizes are possible, and this leads high speed search and easy huge volume data control.

5. In the style data input for the beginers mode, the display is only on the course, stitch, main thread guide and speed. the beginer can make the program easy with comprehensive display position.

6. Start of e-mail edits on NDS-100 without any interuption of the program.

7. searching the required data with the display of "Visual indication of out-put cam sheet" the automatic setting of cam, angle are possible.

8. The fuction of "Compatibility check" is enable the alart of needle breakage that leads to the accidents, and actionof automatic conpensation nis done.


NDS Draw

Drawing Commands & Beginners Mode
File New / Style Data / Print / Email
Settings Machine Settings / Needle Number Settings / Yarn Feed Settings / Environment Settings / Pattern Knit Input / 1F Settings / Style Input
Edit Copy / Move / Mirror / Repeat / Mesh / Color Change / Color Edit / Resize / Rotate / Insert Delete / Roll / Elastic Color Change / Copy to Clipboard / Paste from Clipboard / Lump Color from Clipboard
Draw Line / Stitch Settings Line / Square / Circle / Fill / Spray / Text / Clear Screen / Multi-pattern
Assistance Undo & Redo / Specify Coordinates / Color Mask / Select Mask / Remove Hardware
View Zoom In & Out / Loupe / Adjust Grid Spacing / Display Grid / Adjust Grid Color / Select Cursor / Marker Settings
Tools User Settings / Protect / Color Check
Help System Help / Online Registration / Version Information

NDS Style

Style Data Creation Program (Professional Mode)
File New / Style Data / Print / Email
Settings Machine Settings / Needle Number Settings / Environment Settings
Edit Insert Line / Delete Line / Cut / Copy / Copy to Clipboard
View Output Names
Tools Output Cam Sheet Visual Display / Step Output Batch Display / Style Integration Check
Help System Help / Online Registration / Version Information

*This system is intended for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
*Specifications are subject to change with notification. Please contact us for details.

Download Catalog: NDS-100

NDS-100 Catalog PDF (952KB)

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