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Design System SYSTEM5000/6000

SYSTEM 5000/6000 is a specialized knitting machine design data system based on Windows XP using the conventional FD and cassette tape.

System Features

  • Compatible with Windows computers(Based on “the operating environment conditions”)
  • Specialized for socks knitting data program.
    Different from the conventional graphic program, the display is in stitch cordination, socks, designer can easily check the stitches number and can make the graphics easily. Also, various specialized knitting system function is added as autimatic knitting with rubber pattern, setting of thread guide, machine model change, needle number change, indication of stitch number, display of wale and course position.
  • Required additional software is possible.
  • Connecting with the conventional printer, not only the usual printing but also the free cordination printing and color slection are possible.
  • Connecting the scanner(for TWAIN32), the instant data scan as well as
  • Data can be BMP controlled. Work sharing is possible between the design by a design to the factory knitting design through BMP mailing.
  • Color number is indicated on each actuatgor, then, the meswsage is displayed by call, which leads to the easy operation even for the beginers.

Operating Environment Conditions


Recommended Model Specifications
OS Windows XP
CPU Professional CPU such as a Pentium(R) 4
Memory 512MB of RAM or more
Hard disk drive 40GB HDD or larger
Floppy disk drive 3.5” FDD (3 Mode compatible)
Keyboard JIS106 Keyboard
Mouse USB port

For actual computers, please choose a model that we recommend.
Please note that 3.5” FDD (3 mode compatible) models are no longer sold and external drives are not compatible.

Cassette tape decks (No longer being sold. The models below are compatible and can be connected.)

(Manufactured by TEAC)
GPIB Cable... Requires a GPIB port
(Manufactured by Kinkei System Corporation)
Serial port connection... Requires a serial port
Manufactured by Maruzen Sangyo Co., Ltd. SYSTEM5000 dedicated cassette deck... Serial port connection
SYSTEM6000 dedicated cassette deck... Serial port connection

Please check your computer to apply SYSTEM 5000/6000, and refer PDF file. NAGATA SEIKI do not fabricate nor sell the cassette tape deck. Please contact system - related inquiry contact. In the change of devices advice and counseling. This cannnot be connected with cassette tape deck made by AITECH HANKYU HANSHIN. NAGATA SEIKI cannot comment in the cassette tape deck made by MARUZENSANGYO.

Memory card units

Memory card unit can be compatible with Windows XP only.
Current model that can be connected with computers on Windows XP is “AMI-41G”.
The memory card unit processed through the campaign of SYSTEM 7000 cannot be connected with Windows XP. In case the system is changed to Windows XP, please procure AMI-41G newly.

Download Catalog: SYSTEM5000/6000

SYSTEM5000/6000 Explanation PDF (300KB)

SYSTEM5000/6000 Configuration PDF (168KB)

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