OEM Business Unit

Business Outlook

The Business Unit can provide the clients designing, manufacturing till the accurate parts supply to meet the variety of out sourcing in the mechanical industries. Based on the cumulated design, tooling and assembling know-how, and quality assurance system, we can offer you to realize the supply of high quality and high accurate OEM system. We can meet with your demands from the procurement, development till the mass-production. We are waiting your requirement inquiring of out sourcing.

Consignment Products

Wide variety of design

For the design work, CAD/CAM is applied. We can meet the clients needs for
man-power saving, space saving with soft wares as well as hard wares.

Procurement  Cost saving and delivery control

Through the wide range procurement networking, we can provide the cost saving and delivery control.

Production control  Control system for cost saving, delivery duration and quality assurance

Our production control system can realize the cost saving assured delivery duration and high quality assurance from a single part to mass produced products.

Assembling  Large working area and the professional staffs

Large and multiple areas make the giant system assembling possible. Our professional staff are ready to meet with your inquires.

Toolinng  Advanced equipments and professional skill

We can provide the accurate parts in short duration with the advanced machines as 5-axes NC. We provide also the lateral and horizontal NC as well as milling and lath tooling with professional skilled staff. There equipped the heat treatment system to meet the demands of high quality and high accurate parts with reasonable condition.

Quality Assurance  ISO9001 Certified

Our quality assurance is certified with ISO9001.

Customer Support  Quick reaction and professional staff

Our professional staff support the clients also with the clients service at the job sites for their satisfaction.

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