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Features of Machines for the Electronics Fields

Over 100 years in manufacturing machines!
The technology & experience, established through manufacturing of Industrial Knitting Machineries for 100 years, are applied to all of our products in various fields.
We have delivered over 4,000 units of Machineries (mainly, Tape & Reel Machineries with Visual Inspection Systems) to the domestic and overseas customers, since we came into the field in 1986.
The features of our products are;
Totally high accuracy in mechanical.
Superior in durability
Most suitable Visual Inspection System and Opticals (Lightings) are applied to adopt the subject.
As basic design concept, no need of special skill for changing over of the applied Devices

Tape & Reel Machines with Visual Inspection System

Products are categorized as follows;

Machines for the WSP (Wafer Scale Package)

Pick Die up from WSP Wafer -> Appearance Inspection & Alignment (by CCD Camera) -> Sorting (to Tape / Tray)
[NK8808, NK8812, NK8260 & NK8300]
* We have delivered over 100 units of the type machineries to the market in Japan.

Machines for the Tray to Tape/Tray

Pick the Devices up from Tray (In-house process Tray) -> Appearance Inspection & Alignment (by CCD Camera) -> Sorting (Good Device -> Tape or Tray (when shipping is the Tray form) / Failed Device -> Reject Tray
Target Packages are CSP, QFP, TSSOP, QFN and etc.
[Model can be selected from NK9100 & NK8700, depending on the Inspection requirement of Ball or Lead]

Machine for Tube to Tape


Machine for Manual Insertion


Semi-customized (In-line) Machines

We have delivered over 800 units of In-line Machineries. As the final process of total production line of the Connectors, our machine is subjected to give the apperance inspection of the Devices by Vision Inspection system and pack them into the carrier tape, after receiving Devices from previous Machine.
[NK670α series, NK2200 series, NJ2000 series, Auto Reel Changer]

Other Products

Tape Magazine Cassettes (8 - 56mm) for SMT Pick & Place Machine

We have delivered the various type & size of Tape Magazine Cassettes to the several major Pick & Placing machine manufactures under OEM contract, since the begin of SMT Era.
Reliable and stable performance of our Tape Magazine Cassettes supports the total performance of SMT process..
Please contact us if you are facing any difficulties on Tape Magazine Cassette..
Our original mechanical design , high accuracy of machining & assembling will dissolve your problems.

Food Processor (Industrial Use)

Our original design of "Double Centrifugal Force Mechanism" realizes various the food processing,, such as the mixing of flour of Pasta/Noodle, the separation of skin and juice the fruits and etc.
Because the usage of this food processor is an industrial food processing in the factory, the dimension is a large one.
Please contact us for creating other application in the foods industries.

Fully Customized Machines

We have delivered much numbers of fully customized machineries, such as Laser Marker for the special formed Devices, Press Machine (Trim and Form for the Lead Frame/Hoop Materials, Kapton Tape sticking machine, Auto Reel Changer for wide carrier tape (12-56mm width), Visual Inspection sorters and etc.
Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

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Tape & Reel Machines with Visual Inspection System
Machines for WSP (Wafer Scale Package)
Machines for Tray toTape
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Other Products
Other Products
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