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Tray Compatible Taping Device with Exterior Inspection Function: Model NK2200 series

Features of NK2200 series

  • Receiving Devices from the Machine of previous process, connect with -> give Inspection and/or turn inside out 90, 180, 270 degrees (depends on the form of Device in production Line) -> finaly good device is insertted into the pocket of carrier tape.
  • Production line is not required to stopping for the empty tape part (Trailer & Leader part of the Reel) process, as the Machine provides double lanes for the carrier tape. When the insertion process of one tape lane is completed, the handler is automatically switched to carry the Devices to the another lane.
  • More than 150 units of this series have been delivered

Download Catalog: NK2200, NK2200B, NK2200S

NK2200 Catalog PDF (600KB)
NK2200B Catalog PDF (600KB)
NK2200S Catalog PDF (600KB)

Major Specifications

Productivity Tube to Tape: 4,500 Units / hour (0.8 sec./unit)
Applicable range of Carrier tape size Width: 8 - 56mm
Pocket Pitch: 4 - 24mm


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