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Tray Compatible Taping Device with Exterior Inspection Function: Model NJ2000 series

Features of NJ2000 series

  • Receiving Devices from the Machine of the previous process, connect with -> give Inspection and/or turn inside out 90, 180, 270 degree (depending on the form of Device in the production Line) -> Stick Kapton tape (thin heatproof & adhesive tape) on the top surface of Device -> finally good device is inserted into the pocket of carrier tape.
  • There might be much difficulties in Surface mounting process (pick-up Devices from the reel by suction Nozzle), when the Top surface of Device is not flat. Sticking Kapton tape is to dissolve it.
  • We have 2 tape lane model in the series.
  • More than 50 units of this series have been delivered.

Download Catalog: NJ2000

NJ2000 Catalog PDF (600KB)

Major Specifications

Productivity Tube to Tape: 4,500 Units / hour (0.8 sec./unit)
Applicable range of Carrier tape size Width: 8 - 56mm
Pocket Pitch: 4 - 24mm

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