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Other Products: Tape Magazine Cassettes for SMT Machine

Features of Tape Magazine Cassettes

  • Development -> Production -> Assembling -> Inspection -> Aging Test, all process are in line.
  • Various types & sizes (Tape width 8-72mm), Vibratory Feeder & etc.
  • We are proud that our customers have awarded 1st praise on Magazine Cassettes in the points of its high quality and durability .
  • We have delivered various type & size of Tape Magazine Cassettes to several Major Pick & Placing machine manufactures under OEM contract, since the beginning of SMT Era. (Note: Not direct sales to the final customers)
  • We shall consider "OEM supply" of our Tape Magazine cassette (including the development to meet to your requirment), if any required.

Variation of Magazine Cassettes


Inspection & Aging Test before Shipment

We guarantee on Quality of our products.

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