NAGATA SEIKI CO., LTD. Corporate Information

Corporate History

Nov. 1903Shinichi Nagata established the first knitting machine manufacturing and sales company in Japan in Kikuicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
May 1912Head office and factory were relocated to Kita-Otsuka 2-chome, Toshima-ku (current head office location).
Nov. 1918The organization was incorporated and the company name became NAGATA BAKU DAISHO KIKAI CO., LTD.
Apr. 1919Company name was changed to NAGATA MERIYAS KIKAI CO., LTD.
Oct. 1937Company name was changed to NAGATA SEIKI CO., LTD.
Mar. 1938Designated as an Imperial Japanese Army Air Force supervised factory and produced munitions such as parts for planes.
Jun. 1944Niigata factory was constructed in Jizodo(Present Tsubame City), Bunsuimachi, Nishikambara, Niigata and commenced operations.
Mar. 1973Production facilities of the Tokyo factory were relocated to and consolidated with the Niigata factory.
Mar. 1978As part of a redevelopment project of the former Tokyo factory location, the company’s Eishin Building was completed (total floor space of 6,534.38㎡). In April of the same year, the head office was relocated to the Eishin Building.
Mar. 1983As a new business field, the company moved into the IC mounting device division. The development of tape feeders commenced.
Apr. 1988The development and production of taping machines commenced.
Feb. 1998A new multi-level parking garage (60 car capacity) was built on land next to the main office building.
Mar. 1998Capital was increased to 130.38 million yen after an investment by the Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1999Acquired ISO9001 certification.
Sep. 2000Head office was relocated to the Otsuka Station Front Tower.
Sep. 2002As a new business field, the company moved into the food processing equipment section.
Nov. 2003Celebrated the 100th anniversary of its establishment.
Nov. 2004To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company’s establishment, a new logo and symbol were created on the expectation of great strides in the coming 100 years.
Mar. 2005Capital was increased to 147.06 million yen.
Sep. 2005Capital was increased to 153.41 million yen.
Oct. 2005Acquired Eco-Action 21 certification.
Feb. 2008Capital was increased to 159.94 million yen.
Sep. 2015Head office was relocated to the present address.


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