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Our Vision

Nagata Seiki through its valued mechatronics engineering and advanced surface treatment technologies supports the clients competitiveness and contributes the expansion of wider range industries.

Nagata Seiki was founded in 1903 as a manufacturer of the industrial knitting machines. For over a century, we continued the effort with pride of "Trust and Technology" to provide hi-functional and hi-quality products to you, the clients, that meet the days needs. So far, we could attain the proprietary technologies as the unique cam-mechanism tech, controlling system, precision tooling and assembling technologies. Meanwhile, we succeeded to develop the technologies of electronics devices mounting and various fields of automation. Most recently, we entered in the new strategic products category of Thin Film and Materials Modification. We are aiming to provide the products to you, the clients, with the motto of Customers Satisfaction and Trust, through the products development that meet the electronics innovation and various demands from the client's needs in the fields.

Overseas Operations

Knitting machinery, electronics devices mounting systems and other main products by Nagata Seiki are well accepted by the clients overseas. Adding to the engineering support from Japan, we continue to provide better and continuous service throughout thirteen agents and sales representatives in the main markets of Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, and others. We focus on the products development recognizing also the international market trend. Nagata Seiki is also aggressive to engineering tie-up in overseas as well as acquire the basic science technologies from Russia Academy of Science.

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Our Efforts

ISO9001 Certification
Providing reliable products to satisfy customers needs is the foundation of Nagata Seiki, and our company has been certified with ISO 9001-2008 for product design with strict requirements for reliable products of superior quality, guarantee of manufacturing quality and a quality management system.

ISO9001 certification ANAB ISO9001 certification UKAS

Acquisition of Environmental Activity Evaluation Program (ECO-action 21) Certification
(Certification is for the Niigata office only)

We recognize symbiosis with environment, and harmony as a problem of the utmost importance, and continue the activity which considered reduction of the environmental impact.

Environmental Action Evaluation Program (Eco-Action 21) Certification

IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies)

“Environmental Action Report” (PDF)

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